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Case Manager – Actively seeking applicants

The Case Manager reports to the Division Manager and clinical functions are under the leadership of the Team Leader.  The Case Manager will provide case management service for identified clients being serviced by the Agency in ACT, IDDT, ACCESS, Clinical Services or Mental Health Court.  Services are provided in the Agency and on an Outreach basis.  This position will provide access to housing options and assist in triaging individuals to appropriate housing and mental health needs.


A. Assess clients’ needs, strengths, and gaps in services and identify resources to meet the needs

B. Link client to needed service and coordinate service delivery

C. Convene and/or participate in the planning team to develop a single plan of service

D. Assess clients quarterly based on the Individual Plan of Service in collaboration with other treatment team members and provide a written Status Report

E. Advocate for clients in the Community

F. Monitor the implementation of the Individual Plan of Service

G. Participate in Quality Improvement monitoring and evaluation activities

H. Other duties as assigned by Executive Directors or Program Director

I. Coordinate delivery of service to consumers attending the walk-in clinic and promote participation of the consumer

J. Facilitate the transition process

K. Coordinate housing for individuals

L. Provide 1200 direct consumer contact hours per year.


  • Ability to communicate and relate effectively to a wide range of professional disciplines
  • Ability to establish relationships and deal with a wide range of mentally ill clients with multiple needs
  • Ability to maintain accurate clinical and statistical records
  • Knowledge of the principles and techniques used in provisions of case management services to mentally disabled adults
  • Ability to work cooperatively and effectively with other members of the mental health team
  • Ability to communicate and consult effectively with relevant human services staff in other agencies
  • Willingness to provide case management in the field and to respond to emergency situations
  • Ability to be innovative and flexible in carrying out case management and other duties
  • Motivated to participate in staff growth and development activities
  • Possession of own vehicle with certificate of current insurance.  Must possess current Michigan Chauffeur’s Driver’s License.  Demonstrated ability to follow State of Michigan driving laws, indicated by an insurable driving record
  • Must be computer literate to key in ALL case management data


  • Completion of a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work or other human service field
  • At least two years of related experience in ACT, IDDT, ACCESS, Clinical Services or Mental Health Court
  • State License required
  • Commit to at least one year of employment with Detroit Central City Community Mental Health, Inc.

Please submit your inquiries and/or resume to gro.h1444364276mcccd1444364276@tnem1444364276yolpm1444364276e1444364276.