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Adult Foster Care

Adult Foster Care (AFC) homes provide residential services to individuals who require additional supports to reside in the community. Residential services are designed to provide a continuum of care that will provide the supports which will help the client reside in the least restrictive environment.

Service Eligibility

The Adult Foster Care home must have a contract or agreement with Gateway. The group home assures that it has a current license and maintains licensing standards at all times, has valid insurance, and the appropriate resources to meet the resident’s needs. Clients who are members of the Gateway managed care provider network and reside in an adult foster care home are eligible to receive clinical services at Detroit Central City. The Gateway Call Center authorizes the level of care.

Services Provided

Within three days of admission to an AFC home, a case manager will complete the necessary assessments and the initial treatment plan. Services include case management, health assessment, literacy training, therapy, medication review, and identification of community resources such as vocational and educational programs, community based support groups, and church activities as needed.